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Friday Fun for the IT Crowd: Apps with no business getting made

October 09, 2015
By Lisa Dare

Has jerk-tech finally gone too far?

We love technology. It’s making the world more transparent, more sustainable, more convenient. But that doesn’t mean we love all technological applications.

Take Peeple (“We’re the Yelp of rating people!”). While some apps are a bit unoriginal, unnecessary or just plain mean, the people-rating app Peeple outperforms, combining all three qualities.

Here’s our message to all the talented applications developers out there: If someone approaches you with an idea like this, please say no!

Some apps we hope will never be made (but a few probably will)

Cute or Not: Hot or Not meets Petfinder. Abandoned pets users deem “not cute” will be … umm … sent to a “farm.”

Textulance: Don’t want to wait in line at the hospital? Can’t stand talking to 911 dispatchers? Meet the Uber of emergency services. Warning: Peak-emergency pricing means a burst appendix may cost you your house.

Zinterest: Pinterest for white-zinfandel-related fiascos caught on camera. On second thought, maybe the world needs this.

VINterest: Pinterest for auto thieves. You can organize victims’ addresses, collect chop-shop payments and dodge local cops with one convenient platform.

Sinterest: Ashley Madison for cohabitating partners who don’t want their devout grandmothers to find out.

Toddlr: Lets your preschooler swipe left to reject all healthful meal options, one after another after another, until they find the hottest dinner option (probably gummy bears).

Pie-in-the-Sky Piper: It’s an algorithm! For people who like to throw the world “algorithm” around when they’ve gotten in over their heads in technical conversations.   

Bitter: Twitter for the disgruntled. An app that lets rich divorcees publicly complain about low-paid customer service workers.

AirBugsBunny: Rent your digs out to wascally wabbits.

Your turn!

What apps do you hope never get made? Tweet at us or just leave your suggestions in the comments. 

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Lisa Dare is a writer for TEKsystems who enjoys learning about IT from some of the smartest folks in tech. The harried but amused mother of two small boys, Lisa frequently blogs about IT careers and the lighter side of technology. 

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