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Fall 2015 MOOCs to advance your IT career

August 28, 2015
By Lisa Dare

Delve into data science with Hopkins and Microsoft

Big Data = big money. With far more data science jobs than people to fill them, the field offers very high salaries and growth potential. If you’re interested in getting into data science, Johns Hopkins offers a MOOC series that offers a chance to build knowledge and skills.

Hopkins' online Data Science specialization track consists of nine classes. The specialization starts with fundamentals and works up to regression models and practical machine learning, and culminates in a hands-on capstone project. Hopkins offers a certificate to students who complete and pass all nine courses, or you can just try one class.

Starts: Sept. 7

Cost: $29 (per class)

Looking for something different? Data Science and Machine Learning Essentials, offered by Microsoft, lets you get your hands dirty building a cloud data science solution using Azure Machine Learning, R and Python.

Starts: Sept. 24

Cost: Free, or $50 with a certification

Diver deeper into programming

Become a better programmer with this Systematic Program Design - Part 2: Arbitrary Sized Data class. The MOOC focuses on the theory of design method rather than practical skills, and is aimed at programming pros and newbies alike.

Starts: Sept. 8

Cost: Free, or $50 with a verified certificate

Self-paced MOOCs

Earn more money in finance IT: For people interested in specializing in finance IT, Financial Engineering and Risk Management offers an overview of different financial products and the technical engineering behind them. It’s not geared specifically to the technical side but provides a foundation for understanding the fundamentals of financial theory and engineering, and includes information about algorithmic trading. A great course for someone who wants to position him- or herself as a financial IT SME.

A related class for people interested in learning more about financial statistics will be available in the future.

Cost: Free

Intro class for cybersecurity wannabes: Cybersecurity and Its Ten Domains isn’t exclusively for IT staff, but it’s a good background in cybersecurity concepts from software security to governance to architecture.

Cost: Free

The creative side of IT: Auquent Gymnasium offers free video courses for Web developers and designers who straddle the creative and technical fields. Coding for designers is an introductory course for experienced designers to acquire basic HTML and CSS skills, or you can go deeper with Responsive Web Design.  

Cost: Free

Looking for more information? Computer Science Online offers terrific resources about free and cheap online IT courses. You can browse computer science MOOCs from a variety of course providers.

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Lisa Dare is a writer for TEKsystems who enjoys learning about IT from some of the smartest folks in tech. The harried but amused mother of two small boys, Lisa frequently blogs about IT careers and the lighter side of technology. 

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