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Nurturing an unlikely pipeline of IT talent

February 19, 2015
By Brendan Foerster

Quick! Name a career where pay is high, talent is scarce and there are serious diversity gaps? If you guessed IT, you’re right.

Per Scholas is trying to change the talent equation by bringing free IT training and opportunities to low-income people. And because TEKsystems cares about building a pipeline of diverse IT talent, we’re helping them accomplish that goal.

We recently announced a partnership with Per Scholas to bring high-quality technology education, job training, and placement and career development opportunities to unemployed and underemployed individuals. We've worked with them on a local level for a few years, but this announcement focused on the national partnership we’re excited to build—one that includes both significant financial backing and other kinds of support

Our support will help Per Scholas and the Creating IT Futures Foundation, the philanthropic arm of IT industry association CompTIA, fund free IT-Ready programs.

Some quick stats about Per Scholas and the Creating IT Futures Foundation: 

  • The two groups founded IT-Ready to teach underemployed and unemployed individuals the necessary technical and professional skills required to secure a job in IT.
  • IT-Ready is a free, rigorous eight-week course that prepares hard-working students to obtain industry-recognized CompTIA A+ certification and begin careers in IT as desktop support specialists, IT support analysts and network field technicians. 
  • Nationally, 5,000 Per Scholas and IT-Ready students have been trained to date—with 85 percent or more participants graduating and obtaining industry certification, and nearly 80 percent of graduates securing jobs.

How will "sweat equity" help nurture new IT talent? 

Financial support in these partnerships is obviously important, but TEKsystems, in addition to helping fund Per Scholas, will invest significant “sweat equity.” Our employees, who specialize in recruiting for fields ranging from information security to end-user support, will provide resume coaching, advice about career opportunities, mock interview training and other types of career guidance. Additionally, as part of the partnership, TEKsystems will help Per Scholas graduates find jobs upon graduation.

“As an employer-driven, sector-focused nonprofit, we would not be successful without the support of our industry partners like TEKsystems,” said Plinio Ayala, president and CEO of Per Scholas. “The commitment from TEKsystems to create opportunity for these individuals through offering funding, employment opportunities and volunteer support in all of our markets will be a key contributor to this life-changing work.”

We’re extremely excited to grow our partnership with Per Scholas and start putting graduates to work. At the end of the day, we want to positively impact the communities we work in, and through partnerships like this we can help our company, our people, our customers and IT professionals be successful.

Looking for IT job opportunities? 

TEKsystems doesn’t just help IT-Ready students find jobs—putting people to work in IT jobs is our mission. Whether you’re an experienced IT professional, a recent graduate or someone with a desire to get into the IT industry, we can be a great resource for you. Reach out to the office in your market to get the conversation started today!

As part of TEKsystems’ public relations team, Brendan Foerster works to increase the company’s visibility as a thought leader in the IT industry. Brendan blogs about the company’s latest announcements, recent research studies and industry trends impacting organziations and IT professionals. You can reach him with questions and comments @TEK_PR via Twitter.

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