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Our top posts about managing your IT workload and stress

January 02, 2015
By TEKsystems

We hear you: You love working in IT but hate the stress that goes with the job.

We polled IT workers this year about their stress levels, and the results were dramatic: 

  • The majority of IT workers—except those in the most senior roles—would voluntarily take a pay cut if it meant less stress
  • One-third of IT workers we polled in 2014 reported they’re facing all-time high stress levels

While December freeze dates in effect (hopefully), take some time to explore our top posts about the best ways to manage time and work-related stress.

National Day of Unplugging (and why IT workers should care) 

The law of diminishing returns definitely applies to work: The more hours you work every day, the less you accomplish. So if you’re stressed and overwhelmed, the best way to restore your peace of mind—and achieve optimal productivity—is to step back from work and get outside for a bit. You certainly don’t have to wait for the National Day of Unplugging to cut the digital cord and enjoy the nature-friendly resources we've compiled.

Tips for managing stress at work 

We've assembled some ideas for avoiding an unnecessarily stressful position, and managing your time and tension once you’re on the job.

Overworking yourself just isn't cool any more 

The uniquely American notion that martyring oneself to one’s job is cool may finally be dying. Employers and workers alike may finally shed the idea that long hours equals enhanced productivity. In an interesting trend we hope becomes permanent, companies—including some notable tech giants—are trying to change the always-on culture of work.  

Stand up for your health: The hazards of sitting 

Long hours are taking a toll on your stress levels and your physical health. And IT work might rank as one of the worst for a 21st century hazard: excessive sitting. But you can combat the life- and health-draining effects of too much sitting with these tips.

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