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best of staffing award

Best of Staffing: How TEKsystems remains an MVP in IT staffing

March 03, 2015
By Jimmy Dyches

On February 17, the survey company Inavero, in a partnership with CareerBuilder, released the results of their annual Best of Staffing Survey. With less than 2 percent of staffing firms receiving the award—the most objective in the business—winning is a big deal.

Inavero administers a satisfaction survey to both client and consultant contacts for each participating company. Based on the responses, the highest-rated companies earn the coveted award. The program is open to all staffing companies in the United States and Canada. For 2015, TEKsystems not only received the award for both client and consultant satisfaction, but were also awarded the prestigious Diamond Award for client satisfaction, meaning a category win for at least five consecutive years. 

So what do we do that sets us apart from the rest of the pack? Spoiler alert: It goes beyond putting people to work. It’s not just our high placement rate but our focus on the intangibles that raises the bar.

First and foremost, we take the time to understand the local labor market and align the goals of both clients and consultants to make sure we find the right IT professional for the right job at the right company. We also use this knowledge to prescreen candidates before submitting the most qualified, best-fitting candidates to our clients. Our extensive prescreening process cuts down on an overload of resumes for hiring managers to sift through, helps candidates avoid unnecessary interviews for poor job matches, and in turn increases client satisfaction.

Next, when candidates join the TEKsystems team, their recruiter works closely with them to not only find the right position for their needs, but also to provide continuous placements and opportunities for career advancement. Recruiters develop relationships with their consultants and take a vested interest in their career path, working hard to match them with jobs that will help them progress both personally and professionally. Our recruiters are especially invested in finding great candidates new positions before their current ones end, reducing downtime.

Finally, TEKsystems has the characteristic that separates the good from the great: consistency. Michael Jordan would be a very talented basketball player even if he didn’t have the trophy case he has. Winning six NBA championships and being named Most Valuable Player in all six are what make him a legend. His ability to deliver a top-quality product day-in and day-out are what set him apart from his competitors. We emulate this model each and every day, striving to always provide the best product to our clients and consultants, and using continuous improvement processes to increase our value. 

When you combine pure passion with a relentlessly competitive spirit, the awards naturally follow. TEKsystems uses our passion for IT staffing and competitive nature to deliver customer and candidate service that takes us from great to the best.  

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As a market research analyst, Jimmy Dyches spends his day collecting data on all things tech-related—and gaining valuable insight into current IT services and staffing trends.

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