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5 things to avoid in your next job description

July 06, 2015
By Katherine Kozelski

Life is tough out there for a job seeker. Right before their eyesight goes blurry from searching job boards, they stumble upon what appears to be the perfect job title. But then they click the link and find nothing. No company description, experience requirements or even a mention of salary. Scrolling through job boards for hours on end and reformatting their resume about a dozen times is just the beginning for potential candidates, read on to see the top five things in a typical job description that make job seekers want to abandon the job-hunting ship.

Pay based on experience
A salary description of “based on experience” is an immediate turn-off for a job hunter. They want hiring managers to be specific and realistic about what the company is willing to offer for a position. Salary dissatisfaction is the No. 3 reason individuals leave their job, according to HR software developers BambooHR , so be sure to set clear expectations at the beginning of the application process. To avoid this fatal flaw, suggest a salary range instead.

Unrealistic experience levels
In the tech industry, the amount of experience a candidate has almost always surpasses the level of education, but how can you expect someone to have five to 10 years of experience in a technology that has only been around for the past three years? When hiring managers are not educated in their industry, it always comes through in job descriptions, so it’ll benefit you to do your homework on the skill set you’re looking for before you start writing a job description about it.

Skipping the day-to-day
The biggest disappointment one can receive upon their first few weeks at a new job is realizing it’s totally not what they expected. In order to avoid this, talk with the managers and direct coworkers about what the position’s day-to-day tasks will include. This gives potential candidates a better idea of what will be expected of them.

Location, location, location
When you are searching for a job in a major metropolis such as Washington, D.C., you are bound to stumble upon the phrase “Washington, D.C. area”. This is hugely frustrating for job seekers who are actually looking to work in downtown D.C. We know slapping on the D.C. location title may attract more candidates, but many will be turned off when they Google your corporate address and find out the only way to reach it is by dirt road.

Bonus: Is telecommuting an option? Even if it’s only one or two days a week, working from home is very attractive to IT professionals, so make it a point to ask the manager.

Environment mystery
You work hard to develop and maintain that startup vibe, so show it off! We understand many organizations like to keep their identity private until a candidate is screened for a position, but that doesn’t mean the company culture should be kept secret as well. Let job seekers know what kind of team they will be working with or if they will have a close working relationship with their managers. It’s important to feel comfortable with the work and the environment when searching for a new job.

Now that you know what to avoid when writing job descriptions, get ready for the interviews. Take a look at the interview questions IT candidates love to hate.

To give your next job description the boost it needs to attract the IT talent in your area and field, contact TEKsystems and talk to a staffing expert. Our people know how to give job seekers the best job search experience.

Katherine Kozelski is the social media coordinator for TEKsystems. She enjoys keeping on the pulse of all things technology, social media and pop culture via her No. 1 news source: Twitter. In her free time Katherine loves to cook, travel and play with her black lab, Remy.

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