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Who is more important than the CIO?

February 18, 2014

Generally, employees in your company can be categorized as those that direct, the leaders, and the “doers,” those with the line-level expertise who execute orders. Although the leaders are often the first to come to mind as most important for organizational success, IT leaders themselves may disagree.    

Drum roll, please

Impressively, in our latest polling, IT leaders chose the developer/programmer role as most critical for enabling organizational success—even more important than CIOs and other C-suite executives. With this much clout, developer skill sets are also seeing high demand, exacerbating the general IT labor deficit. These professionals also top the “most difficult IT role to fill” and “most likely to get highest salary increase from year before” lists again for the second year in a row. 

With all of the great emphasis our society puts on top executives and managers, it is encouraging to see the “doers,” the developers and programmers, at the top of the IT MVP roster.

The numbers don’t lie

Thousands of IT leaders and professionals responded to our annual survey and provided heaps of great information. The TEKsystems 2014 Annual IT Forecast can help you gain perspective on where IT budgets are headed this year and insight into IT leaders’ workforce planning strategies.

Tallying the survey data on IT leaders, the IT industry’s current major business initiatives are clear. They will focus on implementing new applications and infrastructure to improve business processes, and also plan to improve existing IT applications and infrastructure. Developers/programmers possess the unique front-line skills to enable business strategy to meet technical output, making them essential to meeting these challenges.  

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