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Looking for an IT job? Turbo-charge your search with social media

April 16, 2014

Landing a dream IT job requires time and dedication, but it all starts with the right search. While you can try the usual methods—working with an IT recruiter, scouring online job boards, attending networking events, searching websites and newspapers—you might be missing the best jobs. That’s because the IT recruiting world is changing, and sophisticated job seekers often find better results using social media.

You might think of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as mere entertainment, but did you know these networks can help your job search?

Twitter: There are so many ways to search for jobs, but Twitter allows you to hone in on your top companies without looking at search results from other businesses.

Conduct searches: You can use the search bar to look for keywords that relate to your job search. Type in words like “jobs,” “hiring” and other specific terms that relate to the industry like “IT,” “.NET developer” or “programmer” to see what types of jobs are out there.

Follow key accounts: There are a lot of Twitter accounts dedicated to posting job applications. If you type in the search bar “jobs,” and then click “People,” you will see a list of Twitter accounts with “jobs” in their username. Follow them to see new job postings.


“Like” company pages: By “liking” companies you’d really like to work for, you will get daily updates about what’s happening with their business—which can give you a big boost in an interview when you demonstrate intimate knowledge of the company. And if they are hiring, they are likely to post links to available job applications, sometimes before they post in other locations, which means you can get a jump on the competition.

Check your privacy settings: if you have not reviewed your privacy settings in a while, make that a priority. It is important that you know who can view your profile and what they will see when they find you. If you have a very private profile, consider setting your work and education information as public, so that potential employers can see your professional history.

Add Professional Skills: Several months ago, Facebook added a Professional Skills category for job seekers. You can fill out any skills you have that would optimize your professional appeal.


Pin your resume: The goal of pinning your resume is to get it shared throughout the site and increase your searchability. Make sure it is eye-catching, error-free and compelling. Another option is to create a resume pinboard. Instead of posting your entire resume as one pin, create an entire board that represents your professional experience. Pin pictures of the companies you have worked for, schools you have attended, examples of projects you have completed, a list of IT certifications, places you volunteered and hobbies you enjoy. Once you add the pins, use the image’s text box to describe how the image relates to your career.

Investigate potential employers: It is always a good idea to research potential employers before applying and interviewing. Since more and more companies are joining Pinterest, you should add it to your list of places to research and connect with prospective employers. Mentioning something you saw on one of their Pinterest boards might be a great conversation starter during your interview.

Do research: Pinterest can be used to find information about any topic or trend that you might be interested in. Want to learn about IT trends and certifications? Type those terms into the search box and you will have access to a ton of information. Want career advice and job search inspiration? Check out CareerBuilder’s Pinterest page.

The market for the best IT jobs can be tough but you can stay competitive by using social media networks to your advantage. TEKsystems promotes exciting new IT job opportunities on our social networks. Check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages for more information.

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