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Top 10 things your LinkedIn profile needs

May 14, 2014
LinkedIn is quickly becoming a go-to resource for employers, customers, clients and peers looking to learn more about your professional profile. In fact, it is one of the most powerful tools to represent your personal brand. With over 200 million LinkedIn profiles currently on the site, it is important to have your account looking its best if you want to stand out.
Here are 10 techniques to increase your visibility on LinkedIn, which can translate into a promotion, pay increase or even a new job opportunity. 

1. Upload a professional picture – According to, profiles with photos are seven times more likely to be viewed than those without photos. In fact, about 19 percent of recruiters only look at your image. Be sure that the photo you choose clearly shows you in a recognizable and professional manner.

2. Create a catchy headline – Your headline is only 120 characters, so use this section wisely.  Don’t waste space writing your title and company name; instead, use this opportunity to talk about your value proposition and what you bring to the table. The goal of your LinkedIn profile is to get your readers to engage, and the headline is where it all begins.

3. Fully fill out your profile – The Summary section is your chance to educate and share content that will excite your connections. It is a good idea to add your contact information in this section since your first-degree connections are the only ones who can see your contact box. When you complete the Experience and Education sections, be very thorough with information on what you accomplished. Don’t forget about filling out the Volunteer section. According to, 42 percent of hiring managers said they view volunteer experience as equivalent to formal work experience. Keep in mind when filling out these sections that you should use keywords that describe your expertise since LinkedIn is essentially a search engine. Including the right keywords will make it easy for potential employers to find your profile..

4. Embrace visuals – Show examples of your work. This can include videos, presentations and Word documents that showcase your experience. People love to interact with online content, so enable them to do so on your page.

5. Customize and personalize your URL – This makes you look more professional. You can add it to your email signature and business cards. Get a customized profile URL by going to your profile > Edit > Manage public profile settings > Customize your profile URL.

6. Check your visibility settings – Be aware of this setting option. Every time you look at a person’s profile, they can see that you came to their page. Experts recommend that you change this setting to invisible because checking out a potential interviewer several times in one day may look strange.

7. Ask for recommendations – Having other professionals vouch for you is very powerful. Getting people to do this for you is not difficult; it is all about timing—the time to ask is when you have done that person a favor.  A few real recommendations can go a long way in helping establish your credibility! In addition, it is good LinkedIn etiquette to recommend people who recommend you!

8. Fill out your Skills & Endorsements section – LinkedIn allows you to post up to 50 skills on your profile; however, the average number of endorsements per LinkedIn user is five. If you want to stand out from your competition, fill in your skills so that people have the opportunity to endorse you for them. 

9. Make connections –Try to connect with as many IT professionals, clients and potential hiring managers possible in order to create more awareness and sell your abilities. The more industry connections you have, the better tuned in you are to what’s going on in the industry. This can lead to more opportunities, better contacts, and ultimately, a better chance to get your foot in the door at your dream workplace. 

10. Get involved in groups and discussions – Join groups to share and participate in a professional setting in a specific industry or area of interest. says that there are more than 200 conversations happening each minute across LinkedIn Groups, so ask questions, answer questions, link up news articles and post other relevant information. If you add value to others, you will be noticed by people in the IT industry.

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