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The business of IT: Must-read posts for the CIO set

December 29, 2014

From banking disruptions to advances in healthcare technology, IT is increasingly critical to business success. Read some of the most interesting trends shaping the future of information technology. 

Healthcare IT to the rescue 

Can creative healthcare IT save lives? Yes. One institution is demonstrating its power by using electronic medical records to beat the leading cause of death in hospitals.

The zombies are coming … to save healthcare

Fun new healthcare apps are innovating their way past user barriers and driving healthy behavior in consumers.

Gartner mulls the power of outsourcing mobile app development 

Outsourcing mobile applications may be the answer to CIO’s staffing problems—but doing it right isn't easy.

How Big Data can change society 

Big Data has actually been with us for a long time, but the tools used to store and analyze it are evolving rapidly, leading to new uses.

Heartbleed is making us re-evaluate security, but is it enough? 

The Heartbleed security bug scared the business world and consumers alike. But the problems go much deeper than flawed code.

Will the post office disrupt the banking ecosystem?

The Postal Service’s loss may be banking’s gain. While post offices are losing relevance in a digital society, they might provide just the right infrastructure for banks to enter underserved communities, even while they close branches.

Ebola: Can technology be an effective first responder? 

The deadly Ebola outbreak will likely push healthcare technology into innovation territory.

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