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End-of-year IT roundup: Top 5 news articles for job seekers

December 05, 2014

Since we wrote about why the holidays are a great time to look for a job last month, we thought it would be appropriate to round up some of 2014’s best articles for job seekers. If you’re looking for a new job—or even if you’re just trying to revitalize your outlook for the one you have—read our top five:

1. Learn about the pros and cons of life as an IT contractor to see if it’s the right path for your career goals, personality and lifestyle.

2. Then check out advice from both IT contractors and staffing experts in 16 tips for thriving as an IT contractor.

3. Sure, it sounds like startups are the hot job choice, but here’s a surprise: Millennials choose enterprise IT—really! Read on to find out why working for an established IT organization can be just as great for your career.

4. These days, being on social media is the norm, not the exception—and employers are looking. Eighty-two percent of IT leaders from a recent TEKsystems survey reported that they use social media to check out job candidates. Thankfully, your social media footprint should be squeaky clean and professional after you read the dos and don’ts of using social media in your job search.

5. Around-the-clock accessibility may be part of some IT job descriptions, but don’t let a work/life balance elude you. Hear from other IT pros who have made it work: The ‘always on’ IT culture: Get used to it.

As part of TEKsystems’ public relations team, Vanessa Ulrich reads everything she can about the technology industry and emerging trends. Vanessa blogs about where technology and society collide, giving context and commentary to top news stories. You can reach her with questions and comments @vanessulr via Twitter.

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