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Survey highlights most in-demand IT skills

February 27, 2014

Demand for highly skilled professionals to fill a wide range of IT jobs is increasing. Now more than ever, businesses of all kinds depend on diverse IT systems in order to remain competitive in their sectors. This has created an extremely advantageous situation for workers looking for new and better career opportunities in IT.

A recent survey from Dice highlighted the extent of demand for qualified IT personnel. Among other findings, this study revealed the 10 most highly compensated IT skills.

IT experience wanted
For this survey, Dice surveyed more than 17,000 technology professionals, asking them to reveal both their specific skill sets and current salaries.

Dice found that the most valuable skill for IT professionals to possess is proficiency with the programming language R. Professionals who reported expertise in this area received an average salary of more than $115,500. As Business Insider noted, this language is used primarily and extensively by statisticians and data miners. It is fair to assume that demand for IT professionals with this experience corresponds to the widespread surge of interest and investment in Big Data-based efforts. Companies are eager to take full advantage of all of the unstructured and semistructured data at their disposal, and IT professionals familiar with R can be a valuable asset to these firms.

On a similar note, the second and third most highly compensated IT skills, according to Dice, are expertise with NoSQL and MapReduce, with participants possessing this expertise reporting salaries of more than $114,000. Business Insider pointed out that NoSQL refers to a collection of technologies concerning databases and data storage while MapReduce is a programming model that users leverage to generate and process large data sets. Once again, this suggests that data analytics and accumulation are major focuses for businesses, and likely to remain key priorities going forward.

Other data-related skills to appear among Dice's top 10 were Cassandra, Pig, Hadoop and MongoDB.

IT career development
These highly sought IT skills and the compensation that professionals possessing such abilities can expect to receive highlight the fact that now is a great time to pursue new career opportunities in IT. Individuals with these abilities, and really IT workers in general, can leverage these circumstances to explore new possibilities and receive better compensation.

These opportunities have not gone unnoticed by IT professionals. As The VAR Guy reported, the most recent U.S. employment data implies that tech workers will play a key role in overall job creation this year. The news source suggested that these personnel can not only expect better salaries, but they have the ability to move to new cities and explore new industries with a relatively low level of risk, due to the sheer demand for their skill sets.

Consequently, The VAR Guy asserted that business leaders should make IT employee satisfaction a priority, lest they discover that their tech workers are leaving for greener pastures.

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