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New TEKsystems survey reveals the biggest healthcare BI challenges

April 09, 2014

Business intelligence (BI) offers tremendous gifts to industries of any complexity―something healthcare has in spades. And while healthcare providers know BI can help improve the quality of patient care and reduce overall organizational costs, they have been slow to adopt the technology. So what’s holding them back?

Across all industries, IT leaders name BI the No. 1 trend or technology that will have the biggest impact on their organization. In a recent study TEKsystems conducted with Healthcare Informatics, healthcare IT (HIT) leaders note that while the trend is growing, the majority (58 percent) report that their organizations have yet to implement a BI system. HIT leaders report their biggest challenges to effectively implementing BI are data complexities (34 percent) and a lack of available resources/skills (32 percent). 

These roadblocks can be attributed to the overall challenges healthcare IT has faced in recent years—a lack of budget and resources due to time-sensitive or incentive-based initiatives related to electronic health records (EHR) implementations, ICD-10 code transformations and the Affordable Care Act. While some healthcare leaders are still looking to manage everything in-house for their BI initiatives despite these challenges, two-thirds are seeking external partners to help them bridge the skills gaps within their internal IT organizations so they can begin leveraging the large amounts of data their systems collect to make accurate, real-time based decisions to improve patient care and overall operational efficiency.

TEKsystems further explores the use of BI in the healthcare industry in our latest white paper, covering the results from the late 2013 survey where more than 250 leaders shared where, when, why and how they currently use BI systems. We share insight into the state of the healthcare BI market, HIT’s biggest BI challenges, and how healthcare organizations are addressing these challenges.

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