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Recruiters versus robots

April 16, 2014

Are you a person or a set of keywords? Applying for a job may make you wonder. The Internet has made it easy to post jobs and to apply for them. But that very convenience means that there are too many resumes for each opening. That flood of resumes frequently forces hiring managers to leave their initial resume screening to databases. And even if your resume passes the keyword test, it still may only get a brief glance! In fact, the average resume only gets about six seconds to make an impression.

This highly impersonal process may have you wondering if there’s a better way. Many people choose to work with an IT recruiter. A good IT recruiter develops relationships of trust with hiring managers that can open doors to candidates, and knows how to market your skills. 

People versus keywords

Working with a recruiter is different than blindly hacking your way through the online jungle. A good recruiter will take the time to get to know you, your skills and your interests. She will also look past your resume and previous experience to see where you want to go in the future. This  personalized attention can help you consider new avenues of employment and learn how best to advance your IT career in the direction you want. 

Bypass the robots

Many companies, particularly top ones, don’t want to deal with a deluge of resumes for every job opening. So instead of publishing their opportunities, they work with a recruiter to source the best candidates with the right skills and cultural fit. Companies rely on these recruiters to find, screen and recommend a small pool of well-qualified candidates.

DIY marketing?

Do you want to spend hours of your life formatting your resume? Researching the right keywords? Debating which skills to emphasize? I didn’t think so! A recruiter can be a valuable resource who knows how to market you. He can advise you on the right skills to emphasize and how to tailor your resume. He will also make sure that your resume goes out in a polished, appealing format.

After you score an interview, your IT recruiter can help you prepare for it. She will coach you on the company culture and what kinds of questions to expect. She can also practice those questions and give you honest feedback on your answers.

Now try asking a robot to do that!

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