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TEKsystems hosts a free InfoSec chat

July 08, 2014

While cyber criminals wage increasingly sophisticated target attacks on businesses and governments, Gartner expects the information security market to grow to a whopping $95 billion within the next three years. With this see-saw of power reshaping the security landscape, do you know what’s coming next?

Our panel of top InfoSec experts and thought leaders can give you a glimpse of what will change in the information security world in the near future. Join us for a free Chat with TEKsystems event on July 22 at 12:30 p.m. EDT. Come prepared with your questions for corporate InfoSec leaders and experienced consultants. And check our Events Calendar page as we add more details.
The Q&A session will feature a panel of information security experts, including InfoSec consultants, solutions architects, delivery managers and the director of our Information Security Services practice.

The Chat with TEKsystems panel includes: 

Rick, Executive Director at TEKsystems
Walter, Information Security Services practice director at TEKsystems
Jason R., information security solutions architect at TEKsystems
Kris, delivery manager for information security at our National Recruiting Center
Jason H., market research manager at TEKsystems

Stay tuned for details on, our Facebook page or our LinkedIn page, and please share it with your network. Anyone is welcome to join the conversation!

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