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Go behind the scenes with an IT recruiter

April 30, 2014

Do you wonder how your IT staffing partners provide the best talent in the market? The success of the providers you work with transcends simply just hiring the smartest, most driven account managers and recruiters. Going behind the scenes to better understand partnership and screening can explain why their services bring real value to you.

Internal partnerships

The top IT staffing and services providers are competing with a variety of staffing agencies to earn your business. It’s in their interest to provide you with the highest-quality talent; their livelihood depends upon it. The best organizations align two strategic functions to create what I refer to as a “delivery dream team.” An account manager manages a recruiter (or two), and the two of them work as a team to understand your business, your culture and your immediate needs. Each one’s success is dependent upon the success of the other. Without the account managers securing interesting job postings, the recruiters don’t have compelling career opportunities for the talent they hope to attract. On the flip side, if the recruiters don’t attract the best talent, it is much more difficult for account managers to earn the business of the best clients. Therefore, there’s tremendous motivation for each of them to provide unparalleled service and quality!


In order to provide the high level of quality and customized service that will keep you coming back, your client-dedicated recruiting team is doing a ton of behind-the-scenes work to ensure candidates meet your standards. They’re also laying the groundwork long before you call by building strong long-term relationships with IT professionals in your area.

Maybe your account managers haven’t shared the specifics of their screening process with you. My recommendation is that you ask them for details. The companies who truly deserve your business are the ones who use creative screening processes to determine if candidates are the right fit for your team. They find ways to make sure that applicants meet your technical requirements and cultural needs through assessments, pre-screens or behavioral interviews. While all organizations, at a minimum, should be checking the professional references of job applicants, you will find that many go above and beyond that. They are working with their most talented and qualified technical and functional resources to interview candidates prior to sending them to you for consideration. Also, good recruiting teams may create online technical assessments specific to your technical environment. Therefore, you would only see the candidates who performed at a satisfactory level on those exams. If you want to know more about what’s being accomplished, feel free to ask!

Client partnership

The level of quality and support that you receive often does not end with the recruiting process. Account managers from good firms work diligently to understand your business and to position themselves as strategic partners. When I was an account manager, I spent a lot of time reading business and information technology trade magazines, articles and blogs. In addition to that, I spent a ton of time understanding the conditions in my local labor market. Knowing about the market and competition, hot IT trends, how much local IT pros earn, and the particulars of your business made me a more deliberate partner to our customers. Therefore, they were able to benefit from my consultation―even after a consultant was placed. Once again, this behind-the-scenes work may not be obvious to you. I encourage you to find out what your account manager does to supplement his or her knowledge and expertise.

As you can see, being a strategic partner to you requires a ton of behind-the-scenes work. If you want to know more about the efforts of your staffing partners, reach out to them to learn more. Trust me, we love to share more about our processes and screening! 

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