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Friday Fun

June 13, 2014

Missing Silicon Valley already? 

We are too, especially after an electrifying finale (albeit one that forever tainted the term "optimal efficiency" for me). Fans needn't worry, HBO already has season 2 in the works. 

Is it just me, or is Hooli poking fun at a company other than Google? All that talk of enterprise software (and those mock turtlenecks Gavin Belson wears) doesn’t remind you a bit of Oracle? I grant there are some obvious Googleplex references, but c’mon! Gavin's hairdo! Those sports jackets! 

The geek-friendly series has us wondering about the Silicon Valley dress code and why it gets such a bad rap. Do you know what category your IT style falls into? Take our short quiz. And then tell us in the comments why (and if) you like hoodies so very much. We're talking to you specifically, Mark Zuckerberg: Would it kill you to lose the hoodie and put on a shirt with buttons?

All this talk of techie guys’ style (or lack thereof) begs the question, what do the women in IT wear? Turns out, anything they want.

Ooh, click me! Click me!

And finally, the Internet is buzzing about newcomer Clickhole. Just click it. If you need to know why first, click here

Because I said so

On a more serious note, where do Java developers get the “one return only” rule?  

Does the thought of going outside this weekend make you sad?

Then curl up with a nice warm coding challenge at Code Eval. We hear good things.

Suggestions for next week's Friday Fun? Or a better title for our new weekly series? Leave 'em in the comments. 

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