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Friday fun for the IT crowd: A tech smorgasbord

October 02, 2014

An imperfect 10?

Microsoft caught the IT world off guard this week when it announced Windows 10 would succeed the troubled Windows 8. Besides giving the world a reason to dredge up the corniest joke ever (“Why? Because 789”), Windows 10 also signals a shift in Microsoft’s normal practice of making major changes in each version of the operating system. Wired ran an insightful story about the new OS positing, “At its core, Windows 10 is an attempt to realize the dream of 'write once, run anywhere' for Windows development.”

Interested in taking Windows 10 for a test-ride now? You can download a beta preview.

At TEKsystems, we’re coming off a big year for Microsoft 7 technology deployments and looking forward to Windows 10 coming out next year—and we’ll need talented IT pros to help. Join us!

Hadoop means “help wanted”

A new Read Write story says that even though organizations aren't entirely in love with Hadoop, a platform for processing and storing Big Data, they’re hiring Hadoop-trained IT help in droves. Many people think Hadoop’s real strength is in aiding the function of enterprise apps, like Oracle’s. Our data team recently found a way to turn massive amounts of unstructured social media data using Hadoop to synthesize it and Oracle Endeca to analyze it. Pretty cool stuff—especially fun since we did it for a major media client. They plan to use the insight to make major decisions, such as which sequels to make. Perhaps we'll have done our part to spare the world from remakes like Sharknado 2: The Second One. (For the record, our client had nothing to do with that movie).  

A new explanation for why women leave tech

Kieran Snyder collected stories from over 700 women who worked in tech but left the industry. She uncovered some patterns that challenge the typical notions about why there are so few women in the industry. She found that tech’s lack of family-friendly policies—and sometimes the loneliness of being the only female—exacerbated already difficult situations, with motherhood often being the final push out the door.

Tetris: The movie?

I’ll leave you with this tidbit: The makers of Mortal Kombat is now making a movie out of the uber-popular—and utterly plotless—Tetris game. Huh. 

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Lisa Dare is a marketing writer for TEKsystems who enjoys learning about IT from some of the smartest folks in the business. Lisa frequently blogs about IT talent management and careers, as well as the lighter side of technology.

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