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Friday Fun for the IT Crowd

July 18, 2014

Could you become a software developer in 12 weeks?

That’s just what some coding camps promise. Tech Republic has a great rundown of what you should look for in a coding camp―and why you might have to adjust your expectations. Since developers are consistently among the hardest IT jobs to fill, it might be worth giving it a try. But buyer beware: Many camps do not deliver the value they promise.

Google takes the cloud by storm

Google is making significant investments in the cloud, but will it eat Amazon Web Services’ lunch? Maybe not, says Gigaom. Meanwhile, IBM is, in fact, making a play for Amazon’s customers with more back end functionality to support iOS applications for enterprise, according to research firm Forrester.

IT work-life balance

While many IT workers are incredibly stressed by the demands of the job, one lucky group rates No. 1 in work-life balance, according to a survey by Glassdoor. Mashable reported that data scientists rated their satisfaction at 4.4 out of 5 (very satisfied), the highest of any score. Other IT-related fields that scored well included user experience designer (No. 7), help desk technician (No. 16) and game designer (No. 20).  

Lisa Dare is a marketing writer for TEKsystems who enjoys learning about IT from some of the smartest folks in tech. A former HR staffer, Lisa frequently blogs about work-life balance and career advice.

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