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Friday Fun for the IT Crowd

July 11, 2014

The sci-fi future is almost here ...

… At least for shopaholics and the lazy. Wired predicts that within five years, same-day delivery will be available for almost anything, replacing many convenience stores. But it’s not sexy drones that will enable this trend; rather, it will be better algorithms and data—paired with fleets of delivery vehicles—that make this future possible.

Who will benefit? Big technology firms with strong logistics capabilities will reap the advantages: think Amazon and maybe Google. But these companies will also rely on local shops to fulfill the orders. However, traditional convenience stores, with their limited selections and high prices, may lose out.

Creepy or cool?

Siri and Google Now are learning your likes, dislikes, habits, moods and … what else? It kind of creeped me out the first time my iPhone gave me the real-time ETA to work—completely unprompted (How do you know where I’m going, you little pocket-sized stalker?). But I quickly became used to this helpful meddling and now love knowing as soon as I wake up whether I should leave a few minutes early to fight traffic. Like all the other intrusions in our privacy, we’ll probably get used to our phones telling us to cheer up after our favorite sports team loses or volunteering that our favorite ice cream chain has a shop nearby.

Many IT workers are dissatisfied with their salary

Information Week conducted a flash poll of IT workers, and over half don’t believe they’re being fairly compensated. A lucky 18 percent said they make more than they’re worth. To find out which salaries are on the rise, read our Annual IT Forecast based on a survey of IT leaders. 

Recruiting STEM candidates is challenging for … everyone

If you’re having difficulty recruiting an IT worker with the skills to manage your enterprise software, or a mobile developer, IT project manager or a host of other IT occupations, Staffing Industry Analysts says you’re not alone. And the dearth of people taking computer, math and engineering classes doesn’t bode well for the future, either.

So here’s my shameless plug (forgive me, I don’t do it often): If you can’t find the right IT worker and can’t figure out why—besides a generally tight market—why not talk to an IT recruiter who knows the IT market well? I can only speak for TEKsystems, but our recruiters know what your competitors are paying and what IT workers really want in an employer and position. Through a combination of our robust research program and all those hours recruiters log on the phone with clients and IT recruits, they develop knowledge you can tap into. They’ve also put in the time to develop relationships with IT workers in the area and build a talent pipeline—a real shortcut when you’re trying to attract top IT talent

Lisa Dare is a marketing writer for TEKsystems who enjoys learning about IT from some of the smartest folks in tech. A former HR staffer, Lisa frequently blogs about work-life balance and career advice.

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