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Friday Fun for the IT crowd

August 15, 2014

Michael J. Fox debuts new Parkinson’s smart watch

Doctors have a hard time understanding how their patients with Parkinson’s are faring because the symptoms of the progressive disease can vary greatly in the course of a single day. This makes it difficult to track the effectiveness of treatments, but a new app might be able to change that. The Michael J. Fox Foundation has paired up with Intel to design a smart watch with an app that monitors indicators like tremors, gait and sleep patterns, and how they relate to external factors like medication. Researchers hope the data will ultimately lead to improved treatment and monitoring of patients. The massive amount of data generated won’t do much good, of course, without sophisticated Big Data analysis requiring advanced technology.

Zuckerberg and other tech titans douse themselves with ice

I don’t feel like this one needs a lot of explanation. Enjoy.

IT’s top honor awarded

While still a grad student, Subhash Khot came up with the a theory about algorithm difficulties called the Unique Games Conjecture that has far-reaching implications for computer science. He recently won the Nevanlinna Prize, computer science’s highest honor, which is awarded every four years. Khot is a native of India who earned the highest score in the country's technical school entrance exam without having access to a computer. You can read his in-depth profile in Quanta Magazine. 

A gift for chaotic cooks

Ever have that night where you’re throwing together a hasty dinner while whipping up a batch of margaritas—and crash!— your blender cord knocks over a bowl of salad you just made? Or you’re frantically baking a coworker’s birthday cake at 11pm and accidentally drag your mixer's filthy cord through the frosting? If not, you can skip the rest of this blurb. But if you’re a messy cook who frequently struggles with unwieldy appliances, wireless cooking appliances may be just what you need. The Wireless Power Consortium is creating standards to support a resonant power system for wireless small appliances like coffee makers, toasters and food processors. Ambitious cooks with small counters everywhere will probably be much safer when the technology arrives. You can sign me up right now. 

The eight superpower types in tech

Kieran Snyder, an IT manager at Amazon, writes a terrific blog about working in tech. For a nice way to finish up the week, see if you identify yourself in her list of eight superpowers she's observed in colleagues.

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