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December 24, 2014
By TEKsystems

It’s Friday, and we just don’t feel like talking IT, business or talent management. “Friday fun for the IT crowd” posts delve into the most interesting tech trends. Enjoy!

Friday fun for the IT crowd: The coolest jobs in IT
Ethical hacker. Video game designer. InfoSec investigator. Explore some of the most interesting jobs in IT

Friday fun for the IT crowd: Are robots coming for your job?
Come to think of it, this may not be the most fun topic we've ever covered. Read up on whether automation and robots are coming for your livelihood. 

Friday fun for the IT crowd: Wearables, diversity and Microsoft 
A fitness trend you might want to skip, grading tech on diversity and a Windows 9 (or so we thought!) release. 

Friday fun for the IT crowd: Family tech support edition
Holidays mean rescuing your relatives from their IT woes. Learn how to support your family and still get to watch football.

Friday fun for the IT crowd: August 8
IBM’s brainy new toy, tech to kill your eyeglasses and an email unsubscribe rant—and savior. 

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