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Do you know who is looking at your social media profile?

March 19, 2014

Despite a job market that’s heating up, hiring managers remain cautious about bringing new people on board. According to Rosemary Haefner, VP of Human Resources at CareerBuilder, employers use every tool available to them to ensure they make the right decision—and social media is becoming one of the most important tools. Ninety-three percent of recruiters are likely to look at a candidate’s social profile to get a far more accurate depiction of who the candidate is outside of the confines of a resume, cover letter or interview.

CareerBuilder asked employers why they use social networks to research candidates.  Significantly for job seekers, learning more about a candidate’s qualifications was the least commonly selected answer (45 percent). Employers cited ensuring the candidate presents a professional image as the top reason (65 percent), and over half (51 percent) wanted to know if the candidate would fit well with company culture.

Social media can provide a more in-depth understanding of who you are as a person; however, there is a potential downside if you are not careful with the content you post. According to a survey completed by Reppler, a social media monitoring service, 43 percent of employers said they found information online that helped them decide not to hire a particular candidate. The top reasons not to hire a particular candidate included inappropriate content posted online (50 percent), information about candidate drinking or using drugs (48 percent), bad-mouthing a previous employer (33 percent), poor communication skills (30 percent) and lying about qualifications (24 percent).

So what should you do to make sure that your social media profile sends the right message and helps you land your dream job?

  • Search yourself—the easiest way for employers to find you is by completing a search on Google.  Make sure you know exactly what they will find and remove any items that you wouldn’t want a potential employer to encounter.
  • Check your privacy settings— social media sites change their privacy settings often. It’s good practice to check in on the privacy settings for all of your accounts regularly.
  • Showcase your talent—provide evidence that you are as exceptional as your resume says you are by posting awards, accolades, volunteer activities and accomplishments you are excited about. Provide personal information that will help an employer get to know you.
  • Keep tabs—just because you are careful doesn’t mean that your friends are being cautious. Pay attention to what others post on your profile to protect your image.

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