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Career Hacker: IT resumes set to change in 2015

December 02, 2014

Out with the old, in with the new: What you include on your IT resume is changing quickly. Here's how to update it to meet 2015 trends. 

Employers increasingly favor resumes that replace lists of duties with project summaries. The best format for this is a short 2-3-line paragraph with a story about the project that includes its quantified benefits, e.g., you eliminated hours of manual tasks for users, reduced load times or saved money for the company. Include just enough details about the project to give a sense of how you accomplished the outcome.

Many job seekers believe the myth that resumes can’t exceed one page. Employers still value concise resumes, but you’re now free to extend your resume to two pages if you have at least moderate work experience. In fact, most recruiters and hiring managers would prefer to see a well-designed two-page resume with adequate white space than a tightly compressed one-pager. 

When formatting your resume, think like a user interface designer. Make sure a potential employer with limited time can quickly scan your resume and pull out the key facts. White space, bolding and bulleted lists, accompanied by short, digestible paragraphs, will encourage your recruiter to keep reading.

Finally, your resume is no longer the only place a hiring manager will look for you. Make sure to take care of your online presence before sending any resumes.

  • Your resume must match—or at least not contradict—your LinkedIn profile
  • If you host code at GitHub, include a link to your project
  • You might also include links to any online portfolios, samples of work or professional social media identities

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Lisa Dare is a marketing writer for TEKsystems who enjoys learning about IT from some of the smartest folks in tech. She frequently blogs about IT career advice and the lighter side of tech, and on her off days loves to kayak and play with her toddler son.

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