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Career Hacker: The success-driven mindset

August 05, 2014

The best workers are never satisfied. Yes, they enjoy their success, but they do not rest on it.  After tasting the sweet fruits of true success they thirst for more. This is what drives Google to continue to innovate. They are not satisfied with being the premier search engine. They created a historical shift in the Internet, and are wildly profitable, yet they are not done striving. Michael Jordan was not satisfied with one NBA championship … he kept pushing and won six titles. Both possess the success-driven mindset instead of the successful-driven mindset. The first continually pushes to achieve more, while the latter kicks back thinking they have made it.

A few examples illustrate the successful-driven mindset. Blockbuster was a huge success in the '90s but they stopped innovating—and went bankrupt. How many people will even remember them in 20 years? There are countless one-hit wonders in music. After huge success with one song, they just fade away in the annals of music, only remembered in a VH1 show or an '80s flashback party. 

People blame their boss, their company, the economy and a host of other reasons for their lack of success. Truth be told … it comes down to having a success-driven mindset over a successful-driven mindset.

A guy I went to college with is one of the best examples of the success-drive mindset I have ever encountered. He grew up in the ghettos of Springfield, Illinois. He did not know his father and lived among gangs and drug dealers. He had a strong mom, but the reality is he MADE the decision to take a different path than everyone else in his neighborhood. He wanted more, he strived for more. This drive and desire for continual success took him to Notre Dame, then Yale, and into a flourishing career as an architect. And I know he’ll keep building on that success. The odds were against him, and he had built-in excuses at his fingertips if he wanted to use them, but instead he chose success.

So what kind of worker are you? Are you a one-hit wonder or will you keep pushing to get better every day? The choice is up to you whether you live in the career ghettos or use a success-driven mindset to get better every step of your career.

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Wes Claudio is a long-time IT recruiter who helped build the TEKsystems Consultant Retention Program and now leads delivery/recruiting operations in downtown Chicago. He believes jobs help give purpose to people’s lives and is passionate about helping clients achieve fulfillment through meaningful careers. In his spare time, Wes enjoys reading, running and being an active dad participating in a variety of activities with his three kids.

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