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Career Hacker: 6 tips for loving your job

July 08, 2014

Loving your work is sometimes difficult to do. With the stress, changes and daily grind of the office, it’s not surprising that many people are not excited about going to work every day. What most people fail to realize is that liking your job is actually up to you (assuming you are doing something that’s a good fit for your skills and personality). Making a few changes to how you approach the workday can help. Here are some ways to make sure you really enjoy your time at work.

1. Seek opportunities to use your strengths

While much of your job will be assigned tasks, there is usually a time when those tasks are divvied up among the team—and that’s when you should speak up. It’s important to work to improve your weaknesses, but doing so shouldn’t be the main focus of your day. Therefore, having the opportunity to use your strengths and shine will make your work day much more pleasant and fulfilling. 

2. Make work-life balance a priority

Many of us work so that we can have a great life outside of the office. Be present during the workday until your daily goals are met. Then make it important to leave work on time to be with family and friends. Having time with them will remind you why it’s so crucial that you work hard and persevere when times at the office are tough.

3. Find a way to get involved in projects that interest you

There are often opportunities at work to volunteer for projects. Don’t take on a ton of projects that don’t interest you. Be sure to be on the lookout for the ones that will be a truly fun challenge. Putting time into projects that test you and make you happy will brighten your day!

4. Take regular breaks

Spending an entire workday with your head down at your desk can be, quite frankly, life-sucking. It’s important that every 1.5 to 2 hours you take a break from your work. Getting up from your desk for a few minutes to grab a water or coffee in the break room, take a brisk walk or visit a friend at their desk can reinvigorate you and make the day more enjoyable. You will then be more energized to apply yourself to the upcoming tasks at hand.

5. Keep your job in perspective

So many people take their jobs too seriously. Newsflash:While IT employees are incredibly imperative to innovation and making sure a business makes money, they are not doctors. In most cases, your job is not life or death. So while the success of your projects should remain a work priority, keep your job in perspective. It’s often OK to ask questions, make small mistakes or lighten the mood. Doing so will take a lot of the pressure off of you when at work.

6. Have a positive attitude

While having a positive attitude is easier said than done, it’s an important step on the road to overall happiness and success. Smiling, laughing and helping are all actions of someone with a great work attitude. Force yourself to think about issues and obstacles in a positive way. Don’t get lost in negative feelings or destructive thoughts. Even if you are faking your positivity by forcing it upon yourself, the fiction will eventually become reality. You will begin to feel like the way you are acting, thus creating a better and cheerier workday, and life, for yourself.

Follow these tips and you’ll be on a path to a better work experience. Good luck on your pursuit of loving—or at least liking—your job!

(Still don't think you can learn to like your job? Perhaps a new IT career will bring you happiness!)

Melissa McFall has spent over nine years in the IT staffing and services industry, including six years as an IT recruiter. She is an expert in recruiter/client relations and service delivery.

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