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Canadian companies struggling to find skilled employees for IT jobs

February 13, 2014

Canadian companies are hiring. The problem is that they can't seem to find enough qualified IT professionals to meet their needs, as Yahoo! Finance Canada recently highlighted.

Speaking to the news source, Igor Abramovitch, director at Lannick Technology, reported that there are a number of IT jobs that firms are having trouble filling. More specifically, he asserted that IT skills involving Big Data, business intelligence, mobile technology and ERP are in heavy demand, to the point that qualified candidates are hard for many Canadian businesses to come by.

As a result, salaries for IT professionals with these skills are on the rise in Canada, the news source reported.

Training alternatives
According to Abramovitch, this skills shortage is forcing Canadian businesses to develop alternative strategies to meet their IT needs. For example, many firms now offer IT training to their existing personnel. He told the news source that this self-improvement is the responsibility of both the organizations and the IT employees themselves.

"IT professionals must develop their technical and soft skills to keep up with the progress of the industry, and meet the needs of their employers and the demands of the corporate user," said Abramovitch, according to Yahoo! Finance Canada.

Moving on up in the IT world
However, it is also worth noting that some organizations have adopted the opposite strategy. David Gadd, owner of a Canada-based recruitment solutions provider, explained to the news source that some firms are reluctant to provide IT staff with training, as they fear these individuals will then leverage their new skills to find better career opportunities in IT departments outside the company. And considering the high demand for experienced IT professionals in the Canadian job market today, such fears may not be entirely unjustified.

This can be seen as further motivation for IT professionals to pursue IT training on their own initiative. By improving their skills involving Big Data, business intelligence or any other in-demand area, these individuals can make themselves even more valuable to potential employers.

Additionally, IT workers may want to consider partnering with third-party IT staffing firms. These organizations have the resources and connections to best enable professionals to explore their options and make the most of their in-demand skill sets.

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