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Best of TEKsystems' social media and your IT career in 2014

December 17, 2014

This year TEKsavvy featured new content on social media and the effect it can have on IT professionals' careers. Kellie Elmerraji, TEKsystems’ social media specialist, took a look back and created a list of the “best ofs” for your reading pleasure.

Monitor your online presence:

Social media networks are becoming increasingly important for employers to check before they make a hiring decision. According to TEKsystems’ research, 68 percent of IT leaders report they use social media to source candidates and 82 percent indicate that they use it to screen candidates. IT leaders rank screening candidates, validating resume claims and sourcing qualified candidates as the top reasons for using social media. Here are the best blog posts to help you get on track:

Clean up your social networks in a flash

Do you know who is looking at your social media profile?

Understand the power of networking:

You’re probably long past the days of proms and popularity, but your career might just depend on your acceptance in a new domain: professional networking. So how can you grow your network and become the popular professional that everyone wants to connect with? These blog articles can help:

Take your social presence to the next level by making valuable connections

Become a success on social media

Find a job opportunity through social media:

Landing a dream IT job requires time and dedication, but it all starts with the right search. While you can try the usual methods—working with an IT recruiter, scouring online job boards, attending networking events, searching websites and newspapers—you might be missing the best jobs. That’s because the IT recruiting world is changing, and sophisticated job seekers often find better results using social media.

Looking for an IT job? Turbo-charge your search with social media

Become a boomerang employee

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