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Become a boomerang employee

August 04, 2014

Have you ever thought about returning to a previous company when you are looking for your next job? You are not alone. Professionals are finding their way back to former employers and are being called “boomerang employees.”

Mashable defines a boomerang employee as one who is rehired after an absence of a few years. They are increasing in numbers as companies that had to lay off workers in previous years begin looking to increase their staff size once again.

So what makes hiring a boomerang employee attractive to employers and recruiters? To start, they enjoy a decreased cost of onboarding, higher guarantee of a cultural fit and less chance of turnover. In addition, the employer is able to fill the position more quickly because they are familiar with the employee’s work performance. Sounds pretty appealing right? With these helpful suggestions, you can become a boomerang employee in no time!

  • Leave your employer on good terms. Carefully craft your resignation letter and prepare for your exit interview. Providing honest feedback about why you are leaving and what you are going to do in your next position will help your employer and recruiter understand the decisions and keep the situation much more pleasant. Communicating this information to your TEKsystems recruiter will also be beneficial since they maintain a strong relationship with the client you were working with.
  • Keep your social media networks updated. Social media is often used as a bridge between recruiters and former employers. Many times, our recruiters will follow their previous employees on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook to determine their level of happiness and present options to get them back into the workforce. Include your contact information and details on your professional experience in case they come looking!
  • Do some research. Chances are that things have changed since you last worked at the company. There may have been organizational restructuring or a shift in the company’s strategic priorities. When you interview, make sure you are addressing the company’s current situation, not the one they faced before you left. If you need help with your research, your recruiter is a great resource since they are consistently talking with the hiring managers.
  • Test out the waters. Find out if your old co-workers are still employed at the company. Ask them about their feelings on you returning and if they think it would still be a good fit for you. You can also talk to your TEKsystems recruiter to see if returning is something that the hiring manager would be interested in pursuing.
  • Take the interview seriously. There are no guarantees in life. Just because you used to work at a company does not mean that you will be hired automatically. Keep in mind that there are probably a lot of qualified people interviewing for the position and you need to differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Stay around. If you do decide to return to your previous employer, make sure you will be there for several years. It is best to avoid leaving again shortly after you arrive can leave people with the impression you have a habit of bouncing around.

The boomerang employee trend has definite advantages for both the employee and employer. TEKsystems works with consultants to retain, rehire and re-engage consultants so they can stay employed. If you maintain a professional relationship with your TEKsystems recruiter and former employer and explain how your growth will benefit them, you will be on your way to becoming the ultimate boomerang employee.

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As the social media guru for TEKsystems, Kellie Elmerraji keeps up with the latest trends in social media and provides advice on how IT professionals can use outlets like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to advance their careers.

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