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Attract, develop and retain: Top IT talent management stories

December 23, 2014

TEKsystems recruiters talk to 100,000 IT professionals a week, and we know what keeps them satisfied in their work and employers. We've learned what perks they crave, what motivates them to try their best, and why they move on. Benefit from our insights by reading this year’s best talent management stories.

How to find out if IT candidates' skills match their resumes

Your IT workers know something you may not: many resumes are filled with exaggerations and outright lies. In fact, 40 percent of IT workers know of at least one coworker who is wildly unqualified for his or her job. Proper screening can prevent this.  

Writing an effective IT job description

If you’re looking for IT talent, you have a lot of competition. So how do you cut through the noise and make your opening stand out? Writing the right job description can help. Learn how. 

Meaningful interactions with IT staffing providers leads to success

You can get a lot more value from working with an IT staffing account manager than just sourcing candidates. Understanding what recruiters do behind the scenes and investing in the partnership can pay big dividends. 

Drug use in the workplace: How to ensure a safe work environment

Illicit drug use can be a real problem, particularly in certain tech industries. Learn how to screen for and deal with drug use in the workplace.

3 smart ways to keep top IT talent from leaving 

How can you keep other companies from poaching your best IT staffers? We have some helpful and unique suggestions based on our research into IT workers’ job satisfaction.

Want to pay your IT staff less? Stop wasting their time 

In a competitive labor market, you can’t cut corners on compensation, but that doesn't mean you can’t find ways to save dollars. Stop money from leaking out of your IT budget with these productivity savers.

Can IT fix its gender problems? 

The IT industry has an extreme gender imbalance, and it’s bad for business. We explore some of the reasons women stay away from or leave IT and offer resources for changing this dynamic.

Custom talent management advice

If you didn't find what you’re looking for, contact us. We’re happy to share the benefits of our talent management expertise free of charge to you. Our recruiters and account managers have specialized info on your market, too, including wage trends and in-demand skills. 

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