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Some questions more common than others during interviews

January 30, 2013

People looking for ways to advance their IT careers should not always just fall back on their existing skills to land a position of their choice. Since there are an abundance of IT jobs available, many candidates will likely apply to openings. Those who truly want to set themselves apart from others should put more effort into the interview process.

A recent report by Job Interview Answers recently highlighted some tips to help candidates become ready for their next interview. Managers are trying to determine what type of employee the person will be down the line. During the session, it is likely that some common and difficult questions will come up, making it even more important for people to be ready for anything.

One of the most important questions asked by any hiring manager is why a candidate believes he or she wants the position. Job Interview Answers explained that it is imperative for people to highlight the positive aspects of the opening while simultaneously not knocking their previous place of employment.

If a manager asks a candidate whether he or she has the skills to succeed with the job, the respondent should not just recite the qualities listed by the employer on the opening. Instead, the report encouraged people to use this information as the foundation for their response and list other qualities that will be successful, including team leadership, great communication and analysis skills.

It can be a nerve-wracking experience for people to go through an interview, but people who plan ahead and are ready to answer a number of questions effectively can become comfortable in the process, hopefully leading to future job opportunities of their choosing.

First impressions go a long way
Although some believe first impressions are more important than others in a casual setting, there is little debate about the topic regarding a job interview. Candidates that are perceived not to care about the importance of an interview will likely be pushed aside for people who show they are interested in a position.

In a recent video interview with The Globe and Mail's Web Editor Gillian Livingston, Louise Fox of The Etiquette Ladies went over some of the do's and don'ts of a job interview. Fox emphasized the importance of dress attire for job seekers. In fact, candidates should do their very best to wear clothes similar to the hiring manager. However, some industries are more lax than others in terms of apparel, so it is important for people to find out beforehand.

Candidates that really want to make a good impression with employers should come with their own business cards, according to Fox. Job seekers should not be bashful and hand out their cards to any person involved with the interview process.

Regardless of how prepared a person is for a job interview, the fact is some meetings simply do not happen on time, leaving people waiting. However, just because a meeting is running late does not mean that job seekers should be distracted by gadgets like their tablets and smartphones, according to Fox.

Finally, Fox told Livingston that people should understand the importance of body language during an interview. When listening and answering questions, candidates should lean forward to appear more interested in the conversation.

Not every interview will be the same, making those who are prepared for any situation more likely to thrive. Anyone with IT training knows the importance of being ready for their tests and certifications. Those who take this approach for their employment opportunities can ace their next interview. 

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