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Industry News: Google moves, Dell gets Dell, Twitter IPO and new iPhones, Cisco and WHIPTAIL

September 20, 2013

The IT world rarely pauses for long, with technology swiftly changing from year to year—or week to week. The businesses, hardware and software involved in the industry are all fluid, and some of the biggest movers and shakers in the field have recently made some extensive changes. 

Google moving to MariaDB
After years of working within Oracle's MySQL database, Google will be migrating its systems to MariaDB, The Register reported. The source noted that Google will be moving all of its data to the platform so that it can avoid being tied to Oracle-run technology. MariaDB was designed to replace MySQL, which makes it a strong fit for Google's needs. This is part of an ongoing, year-long process meant to give Google more independence. 

"From my perspective, [MySQL and MariaDB are] more or less equivalent other than if you look at specific features and how they implement them," said Jeremy Cole, according to The Register. "Ideologically there are lots of differences."

Dell acquires Dell
PC maker Dell was recently bought out by its founder, Michael Dell. The company will become private once more, and according to The Register, will shift some of its focus to more research and development, as well as pursuing more diversified offerings such as tablets. However, Dell will remain a PC provider. Additionally, it does not plan to include smartphones in its eventual new lineup of products. 

Twitter IPO
Like Facebook before it, Twitter is going public, according to The Guardian. Although the offering was filed confidentially, the social network revealed the event in a tweet. Because of the secretive nature of the filing, the source noted that Twitter likely has under $1 billion in revenue, as the company would have to publicly file if it were generating more revenue. 

The Guardian anticipated such a move, as Twitter is the last major social network to remain a privately held company. LinkedIn and Facebook's stock are both worth billions of dollars, despite Facebook's initially rocky IPO. This move could change the way Twitter conducts business as it will be under greater pressure to generate revenue. The social network already earns revenue via promoted tweets, but it may need to increase its advertising efforts as Facebook did before its IPO. 

Apple announces latest versions of iPhone
Apple recently revealed that it will be selling the latest versions of the iPhone on Sept. 20, when consumers can buy the 5s or 5c. The 5s represents an upgrade to previous iPhone models with its 64-bit ARM chip, and Apple has touted it as "the most forward-thinking smartphone in the world." The model also includes a fingerprint sensor for owners to access it. By contrast, the 5c is a more economical model of the device that is expected to retail for $99 with a two-year contract. IT departments should factor the new devices into their pre-existing BYOD policies. 

Cisco to acquire WHIPTAIL
By announcing its intention to purchase WHIPTAIL, Cisco has demonstrated it is moving further into the realm of solid state storage. WHIPTAIL's solid state data systems will be integrated into Cisco's Unified Computing System to improve the technology's Big Data capabilities. 

This move stirred some controversy, due to Cisco's ties with EMC, CRN reported. EMC's focus on external storage puts it at odds with the acquisition, and the source reported that this may mean an end to the VCE—VMware, Cisco, EMC—venture currently in place. 

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