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Cost, security drive adoption of private cloud by enterprise IT professionals

September 18, 2013

Companies are currently debating their cloud computing options, turning to professional IT services providers to help them decipher the pros and cons of public, private and hybrid clouds. However, while much has been said about business concerns over security, it's not the top determinant of adoption.

Cost is the top determinant                                               
According to a recent survey from cloud services provider Metacloud, Inc., the top two reasons firms choose the private cloud over third-party public computing solutions are cost and security. Of the 195 enterprise IT professionals Metacloud surveyed, 38 percent cited cost as their top reason for deploying the private cloud, while 34 percent indicated security is the main driver.

"The survey results reaffirm what we've been seeing in the market, that when it comes to cloud computing, companies prefer to have complete control of their cloud, while also minimizing the costs of cloud computing," said Sean Lynch, CEO of Metacloud, in a statement.

Still, 48 percent are using private cloud computing, while 52 percent have opted for public solutions or hybrid, a mix of the two.

Adoption is steadily increasing     
Metacloud did find that enterprises plan on upgrading their cloud computing systems. Nearly three-quarters of IT professionals said their business was using the cloud to handle a portion of its computing requirements.

Furthermore, more than half indicated they expect to increase the amount of work they store and access through the cloud, with only 4 percent saying they plan to decrease their investment in the system.

The research called out a security concern that businesses and IT department should take note of. "Shadow IT," which refers to systems built within organizations without approval, remains low on IT administrators' radar. In fact, 47 percent said they weren't concerned with it. Yet, of those who did believe it to be a problem, 67 percent said the easy accessibility of the public cloud was partially to blame for the rise of shadow IT in their firms.

To address this threat, companies may want to work with IT service staffing providers, as if it goes undetected or ignored it could damage their financial health. 

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