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Cloud computing being approached as the norm by more enterprises

September 12, 2013

An increasing number of businesses are taking the cloud seriously, partnering with IT staffing solutions providers to help them transition their sensitive company and client data into the storage solutions. However, challenges still exist for wider adoption.

Enterprise cloud computing is on the rise       
Recent research from Verizon suggests that cloud computing is becoming part of companies' normal operating procedures, rather than something to experiment with. The "2013 State of the Enterprise Cloud Report" found that between January 2013 and June 2013, cloud-based memory use increased by 100 percent and cloud storage jumped by 90 percent.

Furthermore, the study revealed that during this period, the number of software applications (which operate in a similar manner to computer programs) used by enterprise customers rose by 35 percent . In fact, production applications now make up 60 percent of enterprise cloud usage

"With more critical applications residing in the cloud, uptime and availability are now essential," the report stated. "Security and related compliance requirements are driving hybrid cloud growth in the enterprise and public sector, and require increased focus on your cloud provider's data center. Moreover, growth in Big Data will drive cloud adoption as a result of the increasing demands and volumes associated with data management and analysis."

Take these results with a grain of salt          
While the results of this research are impressive and underscore the importance of cloud computing solutions for enterprises, a recent article from Read Write Web advised businesses to take the numbers with a grain of salt.

For example, Read Write Web suggests that the figure reporting 100 percent and 90 percent growth represents a hyped-up reputation surrounding the cloud. However, the following growth rate—of 35 percent in regard to software applications—suggests otherwise, i.e. that IT services departments are taking their time in deploying this technology to fully understand it prior to implementation. 

"If this is the case, then a very important step is happening in the evolution of the cloud computing cycle: IT departments are starting to take cloud computing seriously," Read Write Web explained.

However, this is no easy procedure for moving data and processes to the cloud. Firms may want to consider contracting with external IT support teams to ensure their cloud computing efforts don't float away.

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