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$10 million in IT training being provided to Australian students

September 05, 2013

To overcome the shortfall of candidates qualified for IT jobs, a number of tech companies are investing in universities to train the next generation of IT professionals. Regions such as the United Kingdom have also improving technology education for secondary students to encourage them to pursue computer sciences when they enter a college or university. However, these initiatives still are not anticipated to supply the number of future IT careers with enough workers to match. 

Certain regions may be feeling the absence of IT professionals more keenly than others. Australia has been forced to recruit IT workers from outside the country in order to supply its demand for skilled employees. To help the country meet its future need, it is not targeting students entering college or secondary education, but instead any student that wants to learn how to code. Learnable recently announced that it will provide $10 million in computer science training to Australia students.

The company noted that there will be a million more computing jobs in 2020 than there will be students majoring in computer science. Learnable hopes to meet the growing demand for IT professionals by offering three years of access to its web tools, which is the equivalent of $1,000 worth of IT training

"We know there's a huge demand from Australian students who want to learn to code, and employers seeking these skills," said Kyle Vermeulen, general manager at Learnable for Schools. "So today we're giving 10,000 students the opportunity to learn from expert teachers, for free. By simply signing up, students get three years access to courses to learn to develop and design websites, apps and more."

Part of a continuing trend
VentureBeat recently highlighted the fact that this is but the latest Australian initiative to provide more IT training to its citizens. It pointed out the visa program, although this has received criticism from some Australians that it this is a short-term solution to a long-term problem. 

Organizations struggling to find talented professionals in the present may ease their search by working with an IT staffing and services provider. While the number of workers available are limited, staffing agencies can quickly match employers with job-ready candidates. Since IT jobs will be in high demand across the globe, even short-term solutions like hiring foreign workers may soon prove difficult for companies, but third-parties can ease the search for new recruits. 

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