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Why are IT departments lagging in adoption of diversity initiatives?

In an effort to explore the adoption and impact of diversity and inclusion initiatives within IT departments, TEKsystems surveyed more than 250 IT leaders (i.e., chief information officers, IT vice presidents, IT directors, IT hiring managers) and 500 IT professionals in April 2016. In this summary, we present the results of the survey and our analysis thereof.  Overall, the research shows that IT departments are lagging in their adoption of formal diversity programs and not leveraging them as a business-driven initiative. At the same time, leaders express dissatisfaction in their ability to fill open IT positions with qualified candidates, but don’t recognize diversity initiatives as a potential solution to these hiring challenges.

Diversity executive summary

Executive Summary

Diversity Infographic


Key Facts
  • Seventy-five percent of the companies we surveyed who have formal diversity programs earn $1 billion or more in annual revenue.
  • Seventy percent of IT leaders report difficulty in finding qualified talent to fill open positions, and just 17 percent report being very satisfied with the candidates chosen to fill those positions.
  • Only 18 percent of IT leaders always or often discuss diversity as a possible solution to aid in the fulfillment process.