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State of Digital Marketing 2017

Digital marketing is no longer a new, fledgling field—nearly 3 in 4 marketing leaders report their organization has a digital marketing strategy and on average commit over one-third of their marketing budget to digital efforts. In January 2017, TEKsystems Digital conducted an online survey of 250 U.S. marketing leaders to learn more about their digital marketing strategies. 

2017 Survey Report - State of Digital Marketing

Executive Summary

2017 Digital Marketing Trends Infographic


Digital Skills Forecast Infographic


Our research covers marketing leaders’ expectations for digital marketing in 2017, including budget, strategic priorities, challenges, talent and partnerships.

  • Digital marketing budgets are up—but are they enough? Eighty percent of marketing leaders report year-over-year growth in the percentage of their marketing budget allocated to digital. Yet, over half name budget overruns as their most significant organizational challenge.
  • Majority of the digital marketing budget is spent on technology. Leaders estimate that over half (53 percent) of their digital marketing budget goes to marketing technology.
  • Digital advertising and social marketing are top strategic priorities. Moreover, 72 percent of marketing leaders say they spend the most time and resources on social media.
  • Digital marketing strategy talent is in demand. Thirty-six percent of marketing leaders name strategic operations skills as the most critical to their marketing team’s ability to meet overall organizational demands.
  • Lack of available and qualified talent is felt across the organization. Ninety-five percent of marketing organizations have been negatively impacted due to a lack of available qualified marketing professionals.
  • One-third of digital marketing talent needs are met by external partners . Access to new or niche skill sets and bandwidth are the most common reasons for working with a third-party services provider.

Read our executive summary for complete survey results.