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Annual IT Forecast for 2014

IT leaders convey a tone of cautious optimism as we look forward to 2014. Hot IT trends, such as Big Data, mobility and cloud are front and center in IT leaders’ minds. Meanwhile, factors, such as slow economic growth, healthcare reform and global turmoil, while still of concern, are no longer pushing implementation decisions to the sidelines. Review the list below to learn more about the IT leaders’ expectations for 2014.  In order to keep pace with customer demand and meet market needs for increased innovation, IT leaders will need to understand key initiatives, prioritize their projects and attract top talent to make these initiatives a reality. 

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2014 IT Industry Forecast Summary

Executive Summary

2014 IT Industry Forecast


Key Facts

What are IT leaders predicting for 2014?

  • Deeper pockets: Sixty-two percent expect IT budget to increase; a 14 percent increase compared to 2013.
  • Hot IT trends heating up: Mobility, cloud, security, storage and business intelligence (BI) and Big Data are the areas where the greatest spending is expected. BI and Big Data security and mobility are also anticipated to have the greatest impact.
  • Higher paychecks: Eight out of 10 IT Leaders expect their IT staff’s salary to increase; 71 percent expect it to rise by up to five percent.
  • Growing IT teams: Forty-seven percent of IT leaders expect to increase permanent IT headcount; 46 percent expect to increase temporary IT headcount in 2014.
  • High demand for hard-to-find skill sets: IT leaders note the roles most critical to success are programmers and developers and project managers, which were also listed as two of the most difficult roles to fill.
  • Pressure to drive business results: IT leaders say their top business challenges will be increasing growth and profitability, reducing operational costs and managing their workforce.
  • A more confident IT: Sixty-six percent of IT leaders are confident in their ability to satisfy business demands in 2014—a 12 percent growth from 2013.
  • Complementing in-house talent with outside experts: One in two IT leaders expect to increase spending for consultants; over 47 percent expect to spend more for application projects and staff augmentation services.