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Annual IT Forecast 2013

If IT leaders could see into the future, it would make their jobs a whole lot easier. Since it is unlikely that will happen, knowing what they expect 2013 to bring is the next best thing. Understanding the perspective of more than 600 IT leaders (CIOs, IT VPs, IT directors, IT managers) on what they believe will happen to IT budgets and spending, hiring trends, and top projects and challenges in 2013 provides interesting insight into what to expect in the coming year.

2013 IT Industry Forecast Video

Executive Summary

IT executive outlook


Key Facts
  • Forty-eight percent expect an increase in their organization’s IT budget, while 52 percent expect it to remain the same (27 percent), decline (16 percent) or didn’t know (9 percent)
  • Thirty-nine percent expected to increase permanent IT headcount, 36 percent expect an increase in temporary headcount, while only 16 percent expect an increase in part-time headcount.
  • When asked which IT staff salaries expected a change, more than 40 percent of IT leaders expected salary increases for developers, engineers, project managers and security experts.
  • Slightly more than one-quarter (27 percent) of IT leaders foresee the loss of skills due to baby boomer retirement as a problem for their organization.