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Making the Right Match: The Value of Effective Job Descriptions

When trying to find the right talent for your team, there are countless tools available to streamline the search. But recruiting isn’t an exact science, and there are even some frustrations around the recruitment process that both employers and job candidates share. To make the recruitment process work for you, TEKsystems suggests taking a closer look at job description practices.

Making the Right Match White Paper

White Paper


Key Facts
  • Nearly two-thirds of employers and more than half of job seekers report frustration with the recruitment process. Leveraging data generated from an Allegis Group survey, TEKsystems tries to understand why. This survey was fielded among approximately 13,000 job candidates and more than 1,400 employers. According to survey data, the root of dissatisfaction may stem from one of the earlier stages of recruitment: job descriptions.
  • Our infographic provides an overview of the data and how investing time upfront on job descriptions can actually help employers with their long-term recruiting efforts and the quality of their team. Our white paper offers a broader discussion on the value of effective job descriptions to both employers and job candidates.
  • Employers rank accurate job descriptions as the most important driver for attracting/hiring top talent, and candidates rank job descriptions as the second most important part of the recruitment process. Despite both audiences seeing the value of job descriptions, not enough weight is placed on this step in the hiring process.
  • Nearly 1 in 3 employers and candidates agree that time is the top frustration with the recruitment process. If written in a more direct, timely and relevant manner, job descriptions can potentially address this top pain point by attracting only the target pool of talent. And both employers and candidates can benefit.
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