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Improve Performance With Help From the Line

Forward-thinking companies know that successful IT initiatives involve more than simply placing IT professionals in front of a computer and yelling go. Great IT happens when leaders listen to what their line-level employees— the doers—have to say. The more leaders understand the line-level perspective, and can harness it when formulating their IT initiatives, the greater the probability their IT initiatives will be successful.

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IT line level

Executive Summary

IT line level


Key Facts

Notable findings from this study include:

  • 72% of IT leaders say bottom up solutions are critical to success in IT
  • 71% of the IT professionals believe that, compared to leadership, IT workers come up with ideas that are more likely to work in practice; 66% of IT leaders actually agreed with them
  • Only about half of IT leaders say their organization effectively taps into the insights of their IT workers
  • 52% of IT employees rate their leader’s ability to keep them plugged into the company strategy as excellent or very good – IT leaders actually rated themselves even worse
  • 86% of the IT professionals believe their leadership could benefit from their feedback on company wide initiatives, but only 47% report that their leaders are listening