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Develop a Data Policy to Capitalize on the Promise of Big Data

Big Data has the power to fundamentally change how organizations analyze, synthesize and leverage information to guide business decisions. New information is created at an astonishing rate, but the velocity, volume and variety of the data present obstacles for organizations to overcome. This research explores the Big Data landscape, identifies critical challenges and offers recommendations that organizations can apply to address their Big Data dilemmas.

Big Data


Big Data

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Big Data


Key Facts
  • 90 percent of IT leaders and 84 percent of IT professionals believe investments of time, money and resources into Big Data initiatives are worthwhile
  • However, only 14 percent of IT leaders report Big Data concepts are regularly applied in their organizations
  • The three dimensions of volume, variety and velocity add to the difficulty of storing and analyzing data 
  • Sixty-six percent of IT leaders and 53 percent of IT professionals claim their data is stored in disparate systems – and these organizations must build new platforms to accommodate these increased data management needs
  • Big Data requires cross-functional collaboration and defined operating rhythms to share information, but 60 percent of IT leaders say their organizations lack accountability for data quality
  • More than 50 percent of IT leaders question the validity of their data, making it unusable
  • Eighty-one percent of IT leaders claim their organization lacks the specialized staff needed to plan, build and run Big Data initiatives. More than 40 percent will hire external resources to drive Big Data.