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Diversity Infographic

Key points from this Infographic

Adoption of diversity programs is lagging
  • Just 39 percent of IT leaders report that a formal diversity program is in place at their company.
  • Of the companies that report having a formal diversity program, 75 percent report annual revenues of $1 billion or more.
Diversity programs not tapped in filling IT roles
  • Seventy percent of IT leaders report that finding talent for open positions is difficult.
  • Just 17 percent of IT leaders say they’re very satisfied with the quality of candidates found for open positions.
  • Yet only 18 percent of IT leaders indicate they actively discuss diversity as a solution to fill positions.
Leadership is more optimistic about status of diversity programs
  • Forty-five percent of IT leaders think their departments have integrated diversity efforts into normal operations effectively, only 38 percent of professionals share that opinion.
  • The delta regarding their workplaces being inclusive is even larger—while approximately two-thirds (65 percent) of leaders believe it is inclusive, only 53 percent of IT professionals agree.
  • Additionally, more professionals (39 percent) think diversity efforts need to be improved than leaders (35 percent).