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Key Points from This Infographic:

  • 78 percent of IT leaders rank their mobile strategies at low to medium maturity, with more than 1/3 choosing to outsource the development of mobile applications
  • 67 percent of IT leaders lack in-house mobile expertise and 56 percent said mobile technology was not a core competency for their organization
  • Survey respondents  partner with an average of two to five mobile vendors, and 60 percent said they are looking for a better experience from these vendors
  • The top benefits of outsourcing mobile development projects include speed, cost, quality and agility
  • 41 percent of IT leaders struggle with finding and attracting the talent they need to handle mobility projects in-house
  • Half of survey respondents find that supporting the full range of popular mobile platforms is the most daunting aspect of mobile application development
  • 57 percent of IT leaders look to their mobile vendor to provide innovative solution to their needs including delivery models, tools and best practices
  • Only one in three survey respondents’ mobility efforts are currently supported by a Center of Excellence (COE)