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2013 IT Industry Forecast

Key Points from This Infographic:

  • The biggest challenge for IT leaders meeting their organizations’ goals and objectives in 2013 will be acquiring necessary budget
  • The top three areas of business that will have the biggest increase in IT needs are operations, marketing/sales and finance/accounting
  • 39 percent of IT leaders expect to increase their permanent headcount, and 36 percent expect to increase their temporary headcount
  • 55 percent of IT leaders expect their IT staff’s salary to increase in 2013
  • The top three IT skill sets expecting the biggest increases in salary in 2013 are software developers, software engineers and project managers
  • Developers are the most difficult position to fill due to a shortage of IT workers and an increase in IT demands
  • The top four industry trends that will have the biggest impact on their organization are business intelligence, cloud computing, security and shortage of IT workers
  • 58 percent of IT leaders believe that the trend toward cloud-based and as-a-service IT offerings will increase demand for IT skills