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IT Certifications Career Boost

Let the arguments ensue. IT pros disagree about whether certifications help your career, but our data says most hiring managers value them. Learn the pros and cons of pursuing certifications, and when you should NOT certify.

The People Vs. IT certifications Infographic

Certifications can help your career … usually

For most career paths, IT certifications are worth the time and money to achieve. But how much they matter depends on your career path, level of experience and industry.

When deciding whether to pursue a particular credential, pay attention to context. Certifications are more important in fields like information security or enterprise programming, but less so—or even detrimental—in tech startups.

Before deciding whether to pursue a certification, look at the job listings in your desired field. Are they asking for that credential? At what level of experience? The ones that will provide the most value match or go one step past your experience.

See the top-paying IT certifications, plus their prerequisites and how much they cost.