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2017 Top Digital Marketing Trends and In-Demand Skills

In January 2017 TEKsystems polled over 250 senior marketing executives on their expectations for digital marketing spending, skill needs and organizational challenges. As part of our analysis, we looked at where organizations who identified their organization as having a fully optimized digital marketing strategy are investing their time and resources in 2017.

2017 Digital Marketing Trends Infographic

Build an optimized digital team

Leaders of optimized digital marketing organizations don’t get there alone. Successful digital initiatives require multiple strategic, functional and creative skill sets. Yet, with numerous and diverse strategic priorities on your plate, it can be challenging to figure out who to invite to the table. Here are some simple steps to help identify where, how and when to invest in your digital talent to achieve your 2017 marketing goals:

  • Evaluate and prioritize your initiatives for maximum ROI. Spreading your resources—time, talent and budget—across too many projects will stall meaningful progress in any of them. Narrow your list down to your top three to five.
  • Look for synergy in talent needs. When looking at those top initiatives, are some skill sets required for multiple projects? This will help you prioritize what skill sets to invest in first.
  • Identify the gaps. Look at your existing team (full-time employees and contractors). What skills do you already have and which are missing? If your team possesses these skills, what is holding them back from achieving these goals today?
    • Senior designers bogged down in production? Bringing in junior-level designers may free up their ability to dig into big-picture design work.
    • A digital generalist wearing too many hats? A specialist can provide niche expertise to fill a short-term gap on a major project.
  • Partner with digital talent experts to find the right professionals for your team. An account manager specialized in workforce planning and talent management can help you fill talent gaps and ensure your marketing team is equipped to achieve your 2017 digital marketing goals.