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IT Forecast 2017

Looking ahead to 2017, the IT industry is collectively picking its foot up and taking a step forward, with an optimistic yet cautious outlook about technology in the upcoming year. Overall, IT leaders are reporting a rebound from last year, with increased funding and a push for IT to support the growth of their organizations. New development will see a more hands-on approach, while IT leaders continue their efforts in aligning their priorities and goals with that of the business. And as always, the search for exceptional IT talent continues to be challenging across IT skill sets.

2017 IT Forecast

What to Expect

2017 may seem a bit unpredictable in light of events taking place around the world. However, the need for efficient and innovative technology solutions will remain constant, while organizations and departments that provide the skills and services required will remain in high demand. The challenges associated with technology initiatives, such as attracting and retaining talent and the rate of change in technology, will also persist. Organizations can use this anticipated rebound as an opportunity to be more proactive with their project and workforce planning strategies. Overall, IT departments will have a greater role in growing the business along with a more confident approach to supporting traditional IT roles. The difficulty will lie in just how organizations align IT with other parts of the business, as the question of who is responsible for all of the technology in a business continues to be addressed.