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Key Points from This Infographic:

  • 92 percent of IT leaders believe employee retention is critical to organizational success. A well-defined succession management program encourages discussions of career pathing with high-potential employees.
  • 93 percent of IT professionals agree being successful in the future means they will need to have strong business and IT skills. A proper plan provides a vehicle for employees to understand the business and add value.
  • 82 percent of IT leaders state they would benefit from greater insight into what goes on at the line levels of IT. An effective succession management program helps high-performance employees work their way up and carry line-level insights with them.
  • Recommendations for a Stronger Succession Management Program:
    • Ensure Your Program Has Depth: Leaders should implement a formal program for all key levels to gain important line-level insight.
    • Examine Your Approach: Organizations should tailor their approach according to their size, culture and business needs.
    • Define Your Criteria:  A well-defined program allows employees to know what skills and behaviors are necessary to advance.
    • Communicate Your Plan: Organizations should communicate the purpose and principles of their succession management program, so employees know they are committed to their success.
    • Review Your Program: Organizations should review their succession management program at least annually to ensure it remains in sync with strategic goals.