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Key Points from this Infographic:

Retention is a challenge

No long-term stability

  • One-third of IT leaders (34 percent) have no specific expectations for how long an employee will stay with their organization. 
  • Only 9 percent of IT leaders expect IT professionals to stay with their organization for more than five years.

Infrastructure is lacking

  • About half of IT leaders (51 percent) and IT professionals (49 percent) do not believe modular and temporary project teams are the future of work.
  • Just over 2 out of 5 IT leaders (43 percent) do not have the infrastructure necessary to quickly assemble or disassemble teams to respond to IT demands.

Communication gaps

  • Less than a third of IT leaders (32 percent) agree their organization has a clearly articulated employee value proposition.
  • Overall, IT leaders and professionals disagree on the existence of benefits, talent management and development programs. IT leaders report their organizations offer a wide variety of employee benefits programs. However, only a fraction of IT employees are aware these programs exist, indicating a lack of communication, participation or both.